Ep. 98: How To Optimize Your Diet & Lifestyle For Hypothyroidism (Hypothyroidism Part 4)

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In this episode we discuss:

  • How fasting decreases thyroid function
  • Why carbs are essential for thyroid function
  • Specific anti-thyroid foods to avoid 
  • Why interventions like cold thermogenesis, caloric restriction, and fasting are not the answer for hypothyroidism
  • The impact of sleep on our thyroid health

1:06 – how to address and reverse hypothyroidism 

2:36 – the importance of carbs, calories, and fat for improving thyroid function 

16:24 – the importance of eating consistently (and not fasting) for thyroid function

18:00 – saturated fats vs. PUFA and micronutrients for thyroid function

19:45 – basic bioenergetic diet recommendations for hypothyroidism

22:14 – anti-thyroid foods (goitrogens) to avoid 

23:08 – other diet considerations when transitioning to a bioenergetic approach 

25:56 – low iron in women and excess iron from carnivore or keto diets 

27:47 – cruciferous vegetables and thyroid health 

28:43 – how to properly address nutrient deficiencies for thyroid health

35:06 – whether stressors like exercise, cold thermogenesis, caloric restriction, and fasting are supportive of thyroid health

47:54 – optimizing sleep for thyroid function 

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