Ready to Get your energy back?

Discover how you can work with your body to maximize your cellular energy and finally experience clear-headed focus, restful sleep, healthy weight loss, balanced blood sugar, easy digestion, and all-day energy without constant hunger and restriction.

Fighting against your body is not the answer!

You don't have to avoid carbs.

You don't have to restrict calories and live with constant hunger. 

And you don't have to spend hours upon hours at the gym.

Getting your health back shouldn't be a fight - it's exactly what your body is built for. All you have to do is supply it with what it needs and it will do the rest.

Discover How You Can work with your biology to maximize your energy

The Energy Balance Course

The Energy Balance Course is the place to start if you're newer to the bioenergetic approach to health. In this 8-week course, you’ll dive in to the Energy Balance System that teaches you to heal your gut, regulate blood sugar, reduce stress, and maximize your cellular energy.

This course breaks everything down step-by-step and guides you from start to finish so that you'll walk away with a complete picture of health and nutrition. It includes all the information and resources you need to get your health back with support every step of the way, including a 1-on-1 coaching call, personalized feedback throughout the course, and 1-month free access to the Energy Balance Solution group coaching program.

Most health programs operate on the "do as I say" approach, but in this course I'll work with you to give you the tools you need to take charge of your health. Click below to check out all the details!

The Energy Balance Solution

It’s one thing to learn about the bioenergetic view of health, and another to put it into practice. The Energy Balance Solution is built to help you do exactly that – it’s designed to help you identify the exact things that are holding your health back and includes the clear action steps and strategies to resolve them.

This includes customized health coaching, a video library, resources like a sample meal plan and supplement guide, and a private members-only community. And everything in the program is geared toward making it easy to increase your energy, rebalance your hormones, get deep and restful sleep, and restore your gut health, and lose weight.

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1-on-1 Coaching Program

If you've already been implementing a bioenergetic approach to increase your energy but haven't achieved the results you're looking for or would like extra guidance, the 1-on-1 coaching program is for you. We'll begin with an initial coaching call that includes:

  • An extensive review of your health history
  • Identification of the key factors affecting your health
  • Working together to create a plan to accomplish your health goals
  • A written summary of the recommendations given and any other relevant information

Following the initial call we'll continue with weekly or biweekly coaching calls to walk you through the process of optimizing your health. With each call you'll have clear, actionable steps to implement and I'll also provide extra resources and unlimited support between calls.

Click here to contact me or click below to book your free 20-minute call so we can get started!



Jay’s Energy Balance Course turned my health around in ways I didn’t think possible. I had hit a real low with my energy after years of extended breastfeeding. An autoimmune skin condition was flaring (painful blisters all over my right palm). I often felt anxious and overwhelmed and thought I was headed into a chronic fatigue situation.

I was well-versed in elimination protocols, herbs/adaptogens and other modalities, but I was tired of piecemealing my health together. Thankfully, around this time I found Jay. His articles and podcast really resonated so I started experimenting with some of the ideas and eventually went all in.

The Energy Balance Course brought it all together. It filled in many gaps in my understanding of nutrition and laid everything out step-by-step. It’s a comprehensive guidebook - well organized and highly motivating. And the meal & snack list makes it easy - I use it all the time!

My energy started increasing surprisingly quickly. I could think clearly through the day and wasn’t getting so fatigued from daily tasks. This gave me the motivation to work through the more deeply-rooted issues, like my autoimmune condition and anxiety.

And I can’t say enough about the support I’ve received in the 1:1 coaching sessions. Jay really listened and came alongside me in my journey, providing customized nutritional guidance and even helping me process through emotional issues that surfaced.

I was skeptical that I could overcome the eczema without an elimination diet, but I kept following Jay’s advice and within a few months it cleared up. Around the same time my anxiety noticeably subsided. It was real healing that came from a deeper place. I’m beyond grateful!


I had been following Jay's work for a couple of years before reaching out to him for his consulting services. I really appreciated his sensible approach and willingness to consider different perspectives in his pursuit of health optimization.

It's obvious that Jay does his research and gives every effort to understand where someone is on the health spectrum. Jay listens carefully and asks questions with a problem-solving mindset to collaboratively figure out where mismatches might be occurring between an individual and their lifestyle, environment and nutrition contributing to sub-optimal health or wellbeing.

By adjusting certain nutrition and lifestyle factors specific to me, Jay helped me achieve improved sleep, digestion, skin, mood and sustained energy levels throughout the day so that I could put more of myself into the things I love doing.

I'd recommend to anyone who feels like they could be getting more out of life - reach out to Jay. Having master's-level training in biological sciences myself, I truly think Jay has something to offer regardless of one's prior knowledgebase or where they are in their health journey.

Thanks for everything, Jay. I look forward to continuing our work together.


Jay is the perfect combination of friendly and professional. He is like an encyclopedia of knowledge; I love how he comes from a scientific background but works with me on a holistic level. During our coaching we look at all aspects of my life and each session I go away with a tailored plan to work on. I am able to contact Jay at any time in between my sessions for guidance and advice, so it really feels like he is there for me throughout this whole journey.

Since working with Jay, I have had major improvements in my gut and digestive health. I have much less bloating and better motility, consistency, and responses to meals. I have just come back from a family holiday, and it was the first time in 16 years that I have not been worried about being close to a toilet at mealtimes. Before, I would be running to the toilet within 5 minutes of eating! This is life-changing for me. Through Jay’s coaching I now know what/when to eat and have thus reduced binging tendencies which were fueling my poor digestive health.

I have also had major improvements in my liver health and pain. I had an MRI scan recently and no fatty liver was detected. In previous scans it had been recorded as “severe” NAFLD and gave me crushing pain after meals. I could not lay on my right side and slept upright with 5 pillows for 4 years. I now sleep with 3 thin pillows and can lay on both sides without pain.

I have had major improvements in skin breakouts – I was constantly having painful acne breakouts all over my face but now this is very minor and only at certain times during my monthly cycle. My nails are growing faster and stronger and my hair has stopped thinning. I feel much more balanced within myself – my mood is better; I feel much brighter and less irritable/moody/argumentative. I have noticed that I am nicer to my husband and have a lot more patience with my children. I have also noticed major improvements in anxiety. Previously I would allow negative thoughts about my health to consume me but now I feel in control.

Since working with Jay I have also noticed major improvements in energy and productivity, and in stamina, strength and recovery during my workouts. I have been sleeping through the night, which is a huge improvement as previously I was needing to wake up to pee several times throughout the night. I also had frequent hot flashes/night sweats and now have none. I have noticed major improvements in libido/sex drive, which hadn't been there at all for years. I have had some weight loss and feel confident that with Jay’s coaching this will continue.

Jay’s knowledge on nutrition is second-to-none. I presented him with many different diagnoses and issues, and Jay has helped me to see that my symptoms are part of a bigger picture, albeit temporary and a result of many lifestyle factors. I have completely changed the way I think about illness and disease since working with Jay. Nothing is irreversible. We have tackled each issue by working on the whole of me rather than looking at each symptom individually. I love this holistic approach and feel it would benefit everybody who wants to reach optimum health and wellness.

Jay has given me simple and straight forward guidance, a handful of high-quality supplements, and consistent support, and working with him has exceeded my expectations.

Thank you Jay for helping me to change my life around!


I have worked with countless practitioners, from nationally recognized MDs to the most highly recommended functional medicine doctors… working with Jay over the past year has yielded the best experience and most noticeable positive results.

What stands out most in working with Jay is his willingness to really listen with an open-mind and his vast knowledge. I also appreciate his transparency if there’s something he’s not sure about. Jay is very smart, supportive, encouraging, and non-judgmental. He understands that each person has their own unique experiences that impact their health journey. He doesn’t just give dogmatic rules on what to do – he listens and comes up with suggestions and guidance that work with each person’s unique circumstances.

Since working with Jay, I feel more consistent energy, have better sleep, less painful menstrual cycles and most importantly, feel more hopeful! Jay has also really helped to improve my relationship with food by encouraging me to listen to my body, understand the cues my body is giving me, and be patient and compassionate with myself. I would highly, highly recommend Jay to anyone looking to improve their health and life.


It has been a difficult journey for me personally; I was diagnosed with an autoimmune condition called Ankylosing Spondylitis 16 years ago. I finally decided to go all in and apply all that Jay was challenging me with. After a year I was off my medication, taking natural supplements to manage flare-ups and optimize my metabolism, and feeling the best I have felt in many years.

The energy balance system gave me a clear and coherent understanding of what was happening in my body concerning my food and lifestyle choices in general and relative to my autoimmune condition.


Jay “gets it” as far as recovery from restrictive eating and dieting. His depth and breadth of knowledge around nutrition, fitness, and the emotional aspects of dieting--as well as his genuine compassion toward me as a client--are far greater than anything I’ve ever experienced.

Here are just a few of the “wins”…

-Able to eat more calories and variety of foods

-Have more energy and a better overall attitude

-Escaped the "cookie-cutter diet"mentality

-Have less body pain and stiffness

-Feel calm, yet enthusiastic about the future

Jay has also helped me process the emotional stressors that drove me into restriction in the first place; very empowering!


6 months ago I was 75 lbs. overweight and none of my clothes fit, but today thanks to Jay I’m down to less than 195 lbs. and I’ve never felt better. After feeling sluggish and tired for years, I actually have the energy to run around with my son, be productive at work, and take on whatever life throws at me.


My experience taking this course has been very positive. The course content and structure is very well thought-out and organized. The ideas - some of them complex - are presented in a way that makes them understandable and also are linked to each other and referenced back to throughout the course. I've been learning about and applying Ray Peat ideas for 5 years and this course really helped me pull ideas together - my understanding is more coherent now.

I would recommend this course to someone who is struggling with health issues, for sure. I see so many people - friends, family - struggling and floundering for answers and really just coming up with same thing over and over - eat lots of veg, flax oil (or some variation thereof), no carbs, no sugar, fewer calories - and getting sicker. Or keto, for goodness' sake. I spent many years and so much money trying to figure out my health problems. Now I have an actual understanding of what is really going on and how to address these issues.