Ep. 1: Energy Is Everything

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In this episode we discuss:

  • ​Why energy is at the center of our health and virtually all symptoms and conditions
  • ​The various factors that affect our body’s ability to produce energy from the food we eat
  • ​Why too much exercise can be harmful
  • ​Why burning more calories isn’t the answer for fat loss or health
  • ​Where the calories-in/calories-out equation went wrong and how it leads to a low metabolism
  • ​The different types of energy production (and which one we want to favor to improve out health)
  • ​The hormones that govern our energy systems

​​​2:23 –energy as the guiding principle of health (a bioenergetic view)

​5:39 – energy balance (energy supply vs. energy demand)

11:06 – factors that affect energy production

18:56 –reducing excessive energy demands

22:16 – flaws of the calories in/calories out model

35:16 – types of energy production and their regulatory hormones

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  • Bernd
    Posted at 06:41h, 09 October Reply

    Where can i find the transcript?

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