Ep. 10: Weight Loss Part 1: Why We Don’t Want to “Eat Less and Exercise More”

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In this episode we discuss:

  • Why ​it makes more sense to focus on health ​than weight loss​
  • ​Why body fat is a symptom rather than the problem
  • ​Why “eat less and exercise more” is one of the most harmful ideas regarding our health
  • ​The dangerous recommendations that come out of the calories in/calories out model
  • ​Why calories are not equal to energy in our bodies
  • ​Why ​fat loss is not a matter of willpower​

1:55 – cultural and societal influences on our concept of a “healthy weight”  

12:56 – the relationship between body fat and health (why body fat is a symptom rather than the problem)

27:00 – eating less and exercising more is one of the most damaging ideas in existence

39:38 – the problems with the calories-in/calories-out model of fat loss

Links from this episode

  • "​Eat less" is not effective advice for fat loss (1, 2, 3, 4, 5​, 6)
  • The Mythical Calorie Equation​ (article)
  • Different protein sources ​cause differences in fat and muscle mass despite isocaloric and isonitrogenous diets (1)
  • Energy Is Everything​ (​podcast episode) (further discussion on calories in/calories out)
  • Donna Kottiel
    Posted at 12:44h, 24 November Reply

    I love getting to read all the studies attached. I find the conversational manor of the podcast annoying and a waste of time. 55 mins of listening is a time commitment! I’m on here to LEARN!! Jay- you are amazing! Mike is for real lounging around n his bed???? Cut the podcast in half and just give us facts and studies! I skimmed past at least 30 mins.

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