Ep. 103: How Western Culture Keeps Us Poor And Destroys Our Family, Community, and Relationships

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In this episode we discuss:

  • How lower wages and higher costs have dramatically reduced our quality of life 
  • How we’ve ended up working more and resting less with worse outcomes
  • Whether advancements in technology have improved the quality of life of the average person
  • How marketing and consumerism keep us on the hamster wheel
  • The hidden costs of convenience culture
  • Concerns surrounding the collusion between government and corporations
  • How divide and conquer tactics convince us to blame each other rather than the powers that oppress us

1:34 – how western culture degrades safety and security through financial means

7:33 – how lower wages with higher costs reduces safety and forces people to prioritize work over quality of life

15:14 – we currently work more with less leisure time than ever before, with worse outcomes

20:24 – the cost of consumer culture and marketing as an engine that drives consumerism 

30:53 – the cost of convenience culture: freedom, privacy, morals, ethics, and health

36:14 – the problems with profit-driven motives and the collusion between government and corporations 

45:36 – how western society has become fragile and unstable 

51:13 - how western culture degrades relationships and feelings of love and belonging 

52:41 – continued how western culture degrades relationships and feelings of love and belonging

53:27 – divide and conquer tactics within western culture and encouraging the “us vs. them” mentality 

Links from this episode

  • People worked considerably less and had considerably more leisure time in the past (1, 2)

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