Ep. 12: Weight Loss Part 3: Exercise, Nutrition, and More

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In this episode we discuss:

  • ​Why exercising to “burn calories” isn’t ideal for fat loss (and what kind of exercise is)
  • ​Which foods are ideal for fat loss and which ones to watch out for
  • ​How much we should be eating for healthy fat loss (and why more is actually better)
  • ​How to avoid putting our bodies into the stress-state that’s responsible for fat gain
  • ​Which factors outside of nutrition and exercise make a huge difference for healthy fat loss

​2:06 – energy is the key to healthy fat loss

12:01 – why “fat-burners” contribute to stress and depress our metabolism in the long-term

14:56 – exercise and movement for healthy fat loss

26:48 – how much to eat for healthy fat loss

​31:37 – foods that are ideal for healthy fat loss

39:56 – fat gain is ​an adaptation to a stress-state caused by a poor environment

51:28 – factors outside of nutrition and exercise that affect fat loss

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