Ep. 19: How to Transition From Carnivore or Primal to a Bioenergetic Approach

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In this episode we discuss:

  • Why many people are transitioning from carnivore and primal diets to a bioenergetic approach
  • Why you may feel good on carnivore and primal diets in the short-term but this often doesn’t last
  • Why carbs and sugars aren’t the devils they’re made out to be
  • Common things to watch out for when transitioning from carnivore, primal, or any other low-carb diet to a bioenergetic approach
  • Which carbs are best to start with when reintroducing carbs

3:49 – what are carnivore and (raw) primal diets

7:15 – why people experience benefits on carnivore and primal diets

22:32 – the cost of avoiding carbs and the bioenergetic view of health

29:20 – prominent people transitioning from carnivore or primal to the bioenergetic approach

45:27 – shedding food dogmatism

53:45 – how to properly transition to a bioenergetic approach

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