Ep. 20: Intuitive Eating, 5,000 Calories per day, and Whether to go “All In”

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In this episode we discuss:

  • Why “all in” and intuitive eating work for upregulating our metabolism
  • Where these eating methods fall short and how the same benefits can be achieved without many of the negative symptoms
  • Why what we eat matters and may be more important than how much
  • How we can turn off excessive hunger by understanding how our hunger signals work
  • Why eating intuitively works well if we’re eating the right types of foods (and which foods are the “right ones”)

4:42 - what are “all in” and intuitive eating

13:52 – why “all in” and intuitive eating work and why “eating less” is disastrous for our metabolism

21:42 – where “all in” falls short and why what we eat matters (rather than just how much)

29:08 – “all-in” and intuitive eating vs. yo-yo dieting and caloric restriction

42:01 – what dictates hunger signals and cravings

48:46 – why starting slow may be better than going “all in”

54:13 – a better alternative to going “all in” and intuitive eating

1:02:27 – a summary of our views of “all-in” and intuitive eating and how much we should eat in a day

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