Ep 22: Resolving Joint Pain and Whether Reducing Stress Hormones Works For Fat Loss (Q & A)

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In this episode we discuss:

  • Why the general notion that gaining body fat increases the risk of disease isn’t always the case
  • Whether whole foods are always healthier than processed foods (you might be surprised by this one)
  • Whether sugar and salt can support fat loss
  • Possible causes of chronic pain and how to resolve them
  • Why many common recommendations for joint pain can cause more harm than good (and what to do instead)

2:44 – does gaining body fat increase the risk of disease?

13:17 – are processed foods less healthy than whole foods?

16:41 – do sugar and salt lead to fat loss by lowering the stress hormones?

29:57 – improving joint pain, joint mobility, and overall/chronic pain

40:48 – the issues with common supplements and medications for joint pain/chronic pain and what to do instead

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