Ep. 37: Maximizing the Benefits of Coffee and Whether Fasting Protects Against Cancer (Q & A)

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In this episode we discuss:

  • The pro-metabolic effects of coffee that lead to cancer prevention, improved liver health, neurological protection, increased insulin sensitivity, and reduced all-cause mortality
  • How to drink coffee so that it improves your health instead of causing stress
  • Whether it’s healthy to drink coffee every day or even drink multiple cups per day
  • How we can attain the benefits of fasting without the stress and without starving ourselves
  • Whether fasting is actually protective against cancer and longevity-promoting
  • Why fasting decreases muscle mass and drives hormonal imbalances

3:27 – the benefits of coffee, the best way to drink it, and how to tell if it’s helping or harming your health

15:43 – how much coffee is ideal and whether it’s okay to have coffee every day

21:32 – when to use supplements to protect against a suboptimal environment and the importance of context

31:20 – whether fasting can have benefits

36:20 – whether fasting protects against and/or destroys cancer

45:21 – the harmful effects of fasting and alternative strategies to achieve the same benefits

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