Ep. 38: The Physiology of Fat Loss Without a Caloric Deficit

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In this episode we discuss:

  • The physiology of fat loss without a calorie deficit or cutting carbs or fat
  • Why insulin doesn’t cause fat gain
  • Where excess calories go if they aren’t stored as fat
  • Why increasing “fat-burning” doesn’t increase fat loss
  • Why it’s nearly impossible to accurately measure “calories in” and “calories out”
  • How an energy surplus can lead to healthy fat loss

2:53  – the basics of fat loss without calorie, carb, or fat deficits

12:21 – the effects of hormones on fat gain and fat loss

21:12 – endotoxin and other factors that affect fat gain and fat loss

27:44 – a picture of fat loss without a calorie deficit

32:50 – is it even possible to accurately measure calories in and out?

36:56 – is the calorie in/calories out equation relevant to our physiology?

49:55 – the physiology of fat loss

53:36 – environmental factors as the culprit for weight gain

1:01:48 – how an energy surplus can support fat loss

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