Ep. 4: Blood Sugar Part 1: Blood Sugar Regulation and Energy Balance

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In this episode we discuss:

  • ​The relationship between our blood sugar and energy balance
  • ​Why sugar and other carbohydrates are some of the most protective, anti-stress compounds
  • ​How insulin helps to ​lower stress hormones
  • ​Why “lowering blood sugar” isn’t a good goal for improving health
  • ​Why protein doesn’t “stabilize our blood sugar”
  • ​Why diabetes is NOT caused by elevated insulin or blood sugar levels

2:11 – blood sugar regulation, hormones, and energy balance

16:03 – how carbs lower stress hormones and the effects on our blood sugar regulation

25:05 – how protein and fats affect our blood sugar regulation

32:00 – blood sugar regulation and insulin resistance/diabetes

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