Ep. 42: Alternative Views of The Immune System and Autoimmunity (Autoimmunity Part 1)

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In this episode we discuss:

  • Why elimination diets and avoiding dietary triggers is not the solution for autoimmunity
  • The role of the gut health and intestinal permeability in autoimmune conditions (and why “leaky gut” isn’t the primary cause of autoimmunity)
  • The problems with immunosuppression and symptom management for autoimmune conditions
  • Alternative views of the immune system that create a completely different picture of autoimmunity

3:45 – the autoimmunity epidemic

6:54 – the basics of our immune system

12:55 – the mainstream view of autoimmunity

17:20 – the functional medicine/paleo view of autoimmunity involving molecular mimicry and intestinal permeability (leaky gut)

31:12 – the problems with the functional medicine/paleo view of autoimmunity

41:45 – the problems with the conventional view of the immune system

48:06 – an alternative view of the immune system (William Koch’s theory natural immunity, Polly Matzinger’s danger theory, Jamie Cunliffe’s morphostasis theory)

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