Ep. 43: Restoring Cellular Bioenergetics and Repairing the Gut (Autoimmunity Part 2)

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In this episode we discuss:

  • Why restoring cellular energy availability and raising your metabolism is the key to reversing the autoimmune state
  • Why avoiding carbohydrates and sugar makes autoimmune conditions worse in the long run
  • Why using low-carb, keto, and carnivore diets for autoimmune conditions leads to short-term relief at a long-term cost
  • How to restore gut health in autoimmunity
  • Why having enough saturated fats and carbohydrates (from the right sources) is imperative for autoimmune conditions

3:47 – how the alternative view of the immune system translates to the bioenergetic view of autoimmunity

15:13 – evidence for the bioenergetic view of immunity

21:37 – creating a cohesive, systemic view of autoimmunity

26:48 – how the bioenergetic approach to autoimmunity compares to the functional medicine/paleo approach

54:56 –how to restore gut health in autoimmune conditions from the bioenergetic perspective

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