Ep. 5: Blood Sugar Part 2: Cravings, Anti-Fructose Misconceptions, and the Best Starch Sources

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In this episode we discuss:

  • How different types of carbohydrates affect our blood sugar
  • The benefits of fructose and why much of the anti-fructose research is misguided
  • The relationship between carbs, stress hormones, and how you feel
  • Which starchy foods are the healthiest and which we should avoid
  • The best way to eat starch for blood sugar regulation
  • What cravings and hunger can tell us about our energy balance
  • How to stop restriction, binging, and “carb addiction”

2:02 – why we want to use carbohydrates to maintain steady blood sugar levels

7:56 – the effect of fructose on the liver; our liver’s ability to metabolize fructose

18:16 – the effect of starches on our blood sugar

22:36 – the relationship between carbohydrates, stress hormones, and how you feel

32:00 – the different types of starch-containing foods and which ones are ideal

42:01 – how to eat protein for optimal regulate sugar

48:24 – cravings, hunger, restriction, binging, carb addiction, and what they mean about our energetic state

55:33 – universal principles that govern our health & physiology & the issue with “everything in moderation”

1:00:26 - the influences of marketing and industry in health research & advice

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