Ep. 50: Increasing Testosterone With Saturated Fats and Decreasing Estrogen (Men’s Hormonal Health Part 2)

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In this episode we discuss:

  • Why eating more protein doesn’t increase your metabolism
  • The ideal fat intake for increasing testosterone production
  • Which fats support androgen production and metabolic health
  • The estrogenic effects of soy and alcohol and whether this means we should avoid them
  • How to improve estrogen detoxification and support liver health
  • Estrogenic factors in our environment to be aware of

3:44 – why protein doesn’t increase metabolism and the importance of easily digestible foods

13:00 – ideal fat intake for anabolic hormones

26:20 – PUFA vs. saturated fats for anabolic hormones

35:54 – which foods are estrogenic foods and whether we should avoid them

47:15 – the effect of endotoxin and other microbial toxins on liver health and hormonal health

55:40 – how to support liver health and estrogen detoxification

59:59 – estrogenic factors in our environment

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