Ep. 53: Supplements To Boost Testosterone and Increase Metabolism (Men’s Hormonal Health Part 5)

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In this episode we discuss:

  • Which protein powders are ideal and when it’s best to use them
  • Which supplements can help to boost testosterone, increase muscle mass, and raise our metabolism
  • Whether hormone tests are necessary or helpful
  • When it makes sense to supplement with hormones and factors to consider when doing so

3:52 – ideal protein powders and when it’s best to use then

14:38 – the problems with fish oil and omega-3s

19:34 – using vitamins A, D, E, and K to improving hormonal health

26:35 – using BCAAs, taurine, glycine, and other amino acids to support liver health, muscle building, and hormonal health

31:04 – the various benefits of using creatine and whether it’s necessary to supplement

34:28 – energy is at the core of hormonal health

38:45 – why hormone tests must be considered in context and other indicators that can be used to gauge hormonal health

43:33 – when to supplement with exogenous hormones and factors to consider when doing so

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