Ep. 56: Carbon Dioxide As A Key To Raising Metabolism (Oxygenation, Swelling, and pH Balance Part 1)

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In this episode we discuss:

  • Why increasing carbon dioxide production is key if we want to increase our metabolism
  • Whether burning carbohydrates is the best way to raise carbon dioxide
  • How carbon dioxide interacts with our cellular protein structure to create structured water
  • Carbon dioxide’s role in circulation and preventing high blood pressure
  • How carbon dioxide reduces swelling and water retention

2:46 – an introduction to the relevance of carbon dioxide (CO2)

6:35 – the role of carbon dioxide in respiration (The Bohr and Haldane Effects)

13:45 –carbon dioxide as a driver of our metabolism and the importance of carbohydrate oxidation for CO2 production

27:10 – carbon dioxide as the primary vasodilator

32:50 – carbon dioxide as an antioxidant that protects against reactive oxygen species and reactive nitrogen species

38:22 – carbon dioxide in the context of hormesis and its anti-hormetic effects

41:29 – the value of the context provided by the bioenergetic view

47:40 – carbon dioxide’s role in the structuring of the cell and creating structured water, as well as reducing swelling and water retention

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