Ep. 58: Altitude, Panic Attacks, Swelling, Heart Failure, and More (Oxygenation, Swelling, and pH Balance Part 3)

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In this episode we discuss:

  • How insulin resistance and diabetes are symptoms of excess glycolysis and lactate production, and how metformin makes these conditions worse
  • How excess lactate production and a lack of CO2 causes altitude sickness and anxiety and panic attacks
  • The benefits of altitude and the surprising parallel effects of stormy weather
  • The problem with 100% oxygen ventilation in critical illnesses like severe COVID-19 infections and sepsis
  • How glycolytic metabolism and the swelling that results contributes to high blood pressure and heart failure

3:40 – health conditions and situations where we see impaired oxygenation and swelling

8:54 – insulin resistance as a presentation of inhibited glucose oxidation, excess glycolysis, and lactate production, and why metformin makes this worse

21:16 – respiratory alkalosis in altitude sickness

36:28 – respiratory alkalosis in panic attacks/anxiety attacks and hyperventilation

41:09 – adaptation to altitude, the lactate paradox, and stormy weather

43:59 – the problem with 100% oxygen ventilation in acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS), including sepsis and respiratory illness like COVID-19, and the protective effects of CO2 in these situations

54:49 – how a lack of CO2 and excess lactate causes pulmonary edema, impaired ventilation, impaired heart contractility, reduced circulation, high blood pressure, mineral imbalances, and edema

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