Ep. 60: Carbon Dioxide And Our Environment: Climate-Destroying Or Life-Supporting?

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In this episode we discuss:

  • Whether human-produced carbon dioxide is a major contributor to climate change
  • Whether carbon-offsetting programs and initiatives are effective 
  • Industry tactics used to shift blame to the people and avoid taking responsibility for their actions 
  • Whether we should be blaming each other for the destruction of our environment 
  • Tactics used by the media to prevent open discussion on controversial topics 

3:30 – keeping an open mind when it comes to discussing the environment and climate change 

6:54 – carbon dioxide as an environmental and climatological scapegoat 

10:25 – tactics used to prevent open, scientific discussion on topics, such as shifting the narrative, creating unfalsifiable arguments, creating false dichotomies, and citing consensus 

30:06 – some reasons why carbon dioxide may not be the culprit causing climate change 

36:47 – other  factors to consider when evaluating humanity’s impact on the environment 

39:05 – the overpopulation myth, shifting blame to the people, and creating profitable solutions to manufactured problems 

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