Ep. 62: Diving in to the Bioenergetic View and Our Mistakes Along the Way (Our Health Journeys Part 2)

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In this episode we discuss:

  • The many mistakes we made after finding Ray Peat and the bioenergetic view 
  • Our re-feeding periods that involved eating over 5,000 calories and 700g of carbs per day 
  • Our experimentation with various supplements (thyroid, B vitamins, fat-soluble vitamins, pro-metabolic hormones, antibiotics, methylene blue, inosine) and what we learned along the way 
  • How long it took for us to see major improvements and stability in our health (it’s probably longer than you think) 
  • Why nutrition alone is not enough for optimal health (and what other factors we should consider)  
  • Our experiences in authoritarian environments (especially within the education system) and working to shed dogmatism 

4:11 – going all-in on a bioenergetic, Ray Peat inspired diet and experimenting with milk and low-fat diets 

17:28 – Mike’s journey with milk, a carnivore diet, and refining his bioenergetic diet 

26:40 – Jay’s lingering issues and experiments that helped resolve them 

33:53 – Mike’s continued experimentation and the factors outside of nutrition that had major impacts on his health 

46:49 – Jay’s continued experimentation and how stress and a lack of sleep affected his health 

53:03 – creating an optimal environment is always a work in progress 

59:19 – Mike’s depressive period following college and Jay’s experience with depression 

1:06:06 – our experiences in authoritarian environments (especially within the education system) and working to shed dogmatism 

1:20:51 – the value of intuition and listening to how you feel as well as working to understand the physiology 

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