Ep. 69: Carb Deficiencies, Saturated Fat Intake, & The Best Diet For Fatty Liver (NAFLD Part 7)

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In this episode we discuss:

  • How carbohydrate deficiencies can drive fatty liver disease 
  • The particular type of fat you’ll want to avoid if you have fatty liver disease 
  • The optimal amount of protein, fat, and carbs for reversing fatty liver disease 
  • The order of dietary adjustments for fatty liver disease and why this matters 
  • Whether reducing fructose intake is necessary for treating or reversing fatty liver disease 

3:38 – the importance of dietary protein and choline for fatty liver 

14:41 – the best types of fats and how much of these fats to eat for fatty liver 

28:30 – the ideal carbohydrate sources for reversing fatty liver and major considerations to keep in mind 

40:43 – the importance of experimentation when implementing dietary changes 

47:05 – why carbohydrates are so effective at opposing stress, increasing metabolism, and reducing oxidative stress 

49:22 – the importance of nutrient density and particular micronutrients for fatty liver disease 

52:56 – why it’s important to minimize alcohol intake in fatty liver disease and how to protect against the effects of alcohol on the liver 

56:12 – how diet, lifestyle, and supplements fit together to create a holistic approach to treating or reversing fatty liver 

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