Ep. 7: Carbs vs. Fats and General Macronutrient Guidelines

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In this episode we discuss:

  • Carbs vs. fats in terms of energy and hormones
  • Why we don’t want to be only “fat-burners”
  • Why adequate CO2 production is necessary for energy balance
  • Why it’s okay, or even optimal, to eat carbs and fats together
  • Misapplications of the Randle Cycle and the role of fuel partitioning
  • The importance of both carbs and fats for hormones, digestion, and structure
  • How much of the different macronutrients we should be eating for optimal health

1:33 – carbs vs. fats (introduction and effects on hormones)

14:46 – carbs vs fats (energetic effects)

24:38 – CO2 is not a waste product; the importance of CO2 for energy balance

33:21 – the roles for both carb and fat oxidation; the Randle Cycle and fuel partitioning

46:29 – other reasons why we need carbs and fats (hormones, digestion, structure)

54:45 – protein functions

56:31 – general macronutrient guidelines

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  • Michael W. Thayer
    Posted at 22:23h, 18 June Reply

    Very helpful! I learned a lot on how FATS are so essential and the properties of coconut oil . The carb load of up to 300 grams is startling to me for all the “gurus’ I have read up until now (Ken Berry, Dave Asprey, Thomas Delauer,). But the science does not lie. The Keto bandwagon is just that…it seems to be a kind of nutritional snobbery with IF added to the mix. I have done IF….effortlessly…I found it a useful catalyst for my big weight loss and restricted window eating still makes some sense to me…but the useful role of carbs…I was told these were unnecessary. I heard the quote “there are essential amino acids (protein); essential fatty acids…but no essential carbohydrate” so I just accepted carbs were a drug to me tightly controlled if not eliminated. I sank to 50 grams or so for periods but no further. However, adding honey, fruit recently…I feel great!

  • Marla Richter
    Posted at 14:22h, 13 October Reply

    When listening to number seven pod you and Mike talked about how it affects your body is it 20 something-year-old healthy man. But don’t you think that the higher carbs would affect women in their 70s a little bit different than a man in his 20s? As well as the two of you doing the experiments on yourself have you ever had other people from different backgrounds different ages etc. do the same things that you have done?

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