Ep. 73: Refuting Nutrition With Judy’s “Thoughts on the Ray Peat Diet” (Part 1)

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In this episode we discuss:

  • Why our brains favor glucose as their fuel source 
  • Why fat is less energetically favorable as a fuel compared to carbohydrates 
  • The problem with reducing the bioenergetic view to the “Ray Peat diet” 
  • The amount of carbohydrates our bodies can handle before storing them as fat 
  • Whether consuming carbohydrates causes Alzheimer’s disease 
  • Whether the raising of our blood sugar and the production of insulin is wasteful and harmful 

3:01 – an introduction to Nutrition With Judy’s article on Ray Peat

7:41 – energy and metabolism are at the core of the bioenergetic view

18:43 – the problem with reducing the bioenergetic paradigm to the “Ray Peat diet” and the importance of context

29:28 – why carbohydrate oxidation is more energetically favorable to fat oxidation

41:09 – why consuming carbohydrates does not make you fat or prevent you from oxidizing fat

45:35 – our body’s impressive capacity for carbohydrate oxidation and storage

58:06 – glucose requirements in the brain other than energy production

1:00:21 – why the increased production of CO2 from carbohydrate oxidation further supports the energy favorability of carbohydrates

1:00:58 – does consuming carbohydrates cause Alzheimer’s disease?

1:06:05 – why the raising of blood sugar and the production of insulin is not wasteful or harmful

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