Ep. 74: Refuting Nutrition With Judy’s “Thoughts on the Ray Peat Diet” (Part 2)

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In this episode we discuss:

  • Why low-carb diets are inherently stressful
  • How carbohydrates oppose stress and decrease the stress hormones
  • Why carbohydrates ARE essential and why their intake plays a vital role in our endocrine systems
  • Whether most people have hypothyroidism and how carnivore diets can cause hypothyroidism
  • Why carnivore diets are NOT ideal for gut health even if they improve symptoms in the short-term
  • The real reason why people are moving from a carnivore diet to a “Ray Peat Diet” 

3:03 – why low-carb diets drive physiological stress and carbohydrates oppose stress 

21:51 – why carbohydrates are essential and why our endocrine systems are so tightly tuned to carbohydrate intake 

29:19 – do most people have hypothyroidism? 

44:38 – is hypothyroidism ever the root problem? 

53:28 – how carnivore diets can cause hypothyroidism 

1:01:36 – whether taking exogenous steroid hormones (like pregnenolone or progesterone) will increase cortisol 

1:12:19 – should we focus on gut health over thyroid health? 

1:23:31 – why are people really moving from carnivore to a “Ray Peat Diet?” 

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