Ep. 77: Why You DON’T Want to Force Autophagy, Mitochondrial Biogenesis, & Uncoupling (Hormesis Part 3)

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In this episode we discuss:

  • Why the stress caused by calorie restriction, exercise, cold thermogenesis, fasting, ketogenic diets, Wim Hoff breathing, and supplements like resveratrol is not supportive of our health
  • Why autophagy, mitochondrial biogenesis, and uncoupling are not always beneficial
  • Whether being tolerant to stress is a sign of health 
  • Why it’s virtually impossible to apply hormesis in a practical sense
  • The difference between reactive oxygen species production in a high energy state versus a low energy state

3:27 – why reductions in adaptive responses in degenerative states and the benefits of “hormetic” interventions does not lend support to hormesis 

13:49 – why improving tolerance to stress is not inherently beneficial and the cost of stress across generations 

28:58 – how the fact that stress is cumulative throws a wrench in the idea of hormesis  

37:05 –the difference between producing ROS in a high energy state versus a low energy state 

49:16 – the low energy, high ROS state is a feature of degenerative conditions 

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