Health Journeys, Anti-authoritarianism, Sugar, and Nutrition in Relation to Exercise (#1)

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In this episode we discuss:

  • Our health journeys and our discovery of Ray Peat’s work
  • Anti-authoritarianism, dietary dogmatism, and experimentation
  • Whether sugar, specifically fructose, causes inflammation
  • Nutrition in relation to working out, meal timing, and snacks

1:29 – Mike’s health journey

8:20 – Jay’s health journey

12:25 – the paleo, low-carb, ketogenic days

20:08 – experimenting with carbs

27:16 – Ray Peat and the bioenergetic/metabolic perspective 

36:36 – there is no Ray Peat diet

39:17 – anti-authoritarianism, experimentation, and western civilization/society

44:25 – diets, dogmatism, willpower, and rigidity 

48:57 – does sugar (fructose) cause inflammation?

58:36 – sugar and evolution, table sugar and digestion

1:06:39 – fruit polyphenols prevent bacteria from eating our food and protect against endotoxin

1:13:05 – exercise and recovery; more isn’t always better

1:20:41 – ideal protein and carb intake

1:28:05 – the importance of fat for hormones, digestion, etc.

1:31:37 – meal timing and intermittent fasting

1:35:07 - bringing it back to energy

1:38:42 – snack ideas

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