Vegetables, Sugar Deficiencies, Testosterone, and Hormesis (#2)

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In this episode we discuss:

  • Why vegetables, nuts, and seeds aren’t the “health foods” they’re considered to be
  • The dangers of undereating and restriction
  • Why many of us are deficient in sugars and fats
  • How to increase testosterone and why we may not want to
  • The basic issues with the concept of hormesis
  • Why excess energy does not cause fat gain
  • Our requirements for protein, carbs, and fats

0:49 – hunger the dangers of undereating and restriction

8:49 – macronutrient requirements

11:53 – sugar/fat deficiencies causing cravings

16:47 – common diets and macronutrient deficiencies (vegetarian/vegan, low-fat, paleo, keto)

19:29 – roles of protein (preserving lean mass and liver function)

22:27 – roles of carbohydrates (primary fuel, blood sugar regulation, hormonal regulation)

24:13 – “we can survive without sugar”

25:52 – a lack of energetic efficiency is NOT beneficial

29:28 – carbs, blood sugar regulation, stress hormones, and low-carb diets

39:58 – roles of fats (digestion and protection against endotoxin, sugar-sparing effects, hormone production, and structure)

56:34 – macros as necessary nutrients rather than “calories”

1:02:35 – are vegetables “health foods?”

1:11:55 – are nuts and seeds “health foods?"

1:15:34 – are vegetables, nuts, and seeds even “foods?”

1:17:50 – the basic issues with the concept of hormesis

1:31:53 – complexity and energy partitioning

1:36:46 – excess energy does not mean fat gain

1:46:58 – how to increase testosterone

1:58:14 – is the goal high testosterone or low stress hormones?

Links from this episode

  • Studies (1, ​​​​23) linking ATP/energy and hunger
  • “Fat Loss is NOT a Matter of Willpower” (article)
  • Studies (12345) linking glucagon to insulin resistance and Type 2 Diabetes
  • Article explaining that Type 2 Diabetes is a glucagon issue
  • Study showing that the inefficiency of gluconeogenesis can account for a minor increase in energy expenditure
  • “Blood Sugar, Stress, and Feeling Hangry” (article)
  • “Carbs vs. Fats: Hormonal Effects” (article)
  • Study showing that adding fat (specifically butter) to starch slows gastric emptying and resulted in a slower absorption of glucose
  • Study showing the antimicrobial activity of fats
  • Studies (12) showing that a 40% fat diet with a lower PUFA to SFA ratio resulted in the highest testosterone levels
  • Study supporting that coconut oil is an effective antifungal compound
  • Study showing that 10g of fat stimulated a 47% gallbladder contraction (this was misquoted as 80%, which would require closer to 25g of fat, as suggested by this study)
  • “The Mythical Calorie Equation” (article)
  • “Grains and Legumes and Antinutrients, Oh My!” (article)
  • Chris Masterjohn’s article on crucifers and goitrogens (mentions cassava)
  • Article on grasshoppers/locusts and the “selfish gene”
  • Articles explaining that fat gain is caused by a lack of energy, not excess energy
  • Graph showing the relative peroxidizability of fatty acids
  • – resource to track/log food
  • Brands for supplements: Bulk Supplements, PureBulk, Nutrabio, Pure Encapsulations, Healthnatura, Idealabsdc
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