Ep. 88: Whether Soy Is Estrogenic And Causes Infertility 

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In this episode we discuss:

  • The hormonal effects of compounds in soy
  • How the effects of BPA compare to soy 
  • Whether soy is estrogenic and causes infertility
  • Whether the amount of soy typically consumed is sufficient to create these effects

3:06 – overview of the study we’ll be discussing 

5:57 – compounds in soy have potentially estrogenic thymic, immune, and hormonal effects 

10:20 – compounds in soy oppose testosterone and reduce its production 

13:33 – whether animal research translates to humans 

16:40 – BPA has anti-fertility effects in males that are parallel to supplemental estrogen 

27:39 – corn oil causes weight gain despite the same number of calories consumed 

32:11 – the reproductive effects of soy, BPA, and estradiol 

44:50 – the amount of soy required to cause these reproductive effects 

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