Ep. 91: Cod Liver Oil Dangers, The Croissant Diet, and Insulin-Resistant Fat Cells (Q & A)

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In this episode we discuss:

  • Whether cod liver oil is an ideal source of vitamin A/retinol
  • Whether we should be concerned about the omega-3 content of cod liver oil (CLO)

  • The idea that we want our fat cells to be insulin resistant to lose fat

  • Whether keeping insulin low is the key to fat loss

  • What hormones regulate fat loss

2:54 – what we think about cod liver oil as a vitamin A source  

9:50 – why someone may benefit from cod liver oil, and why it likely isn’t a result of the retinol 

10:56 – the immunosuppressive effects of omega-3s 

14:25 – the major problems with omega-3s, including cod liver oil specifically 

25:33 – clarifying our thoughts on the Croissant Diet 

28:26 – burning saturated fat versus burning PUFA and whether PUFA create more ROS than saturated fats 

31:41 – what we think of the idea that consuming saturated fats will allow for fat loss by causing insulin resistance in the adipocytes (fat cells) 

42:50 – why increasing fat burning doesn’t inherently lead to increased fat loss 

47:11 – whether increasing satiety is the key to fat loss 

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