Ep. 102: How Western Culture & Mainstream Medicine Keep Us Sick

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In this episode we discuss:

  • Why culture matters and how we can effectively navigate it
  • The impact of the diet culture and the “eat less exercise more” paradigm
  • How Western culture blames the individual for their poor health and the toll that this takes
  • The problems with excess work, time indoors, and sedentarism
  • How the modern medical system takes away your capacity to improve your health 
  • Why the alternative health sphere can be just as problematic as mainstream medicine

0:00 – why we’re discussing culture and our concerns with the culture in the US and the relationship between culture and health 

6:05 – frames through which we can view culture and the importance of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs 

13:00 – how western culture degrades health: diet culture and the food industry 

27:43 – how western culture degrades health: excess work, time indoors, and sedentarism 

34:30 – how easily we can become numb to the effects of our culture or environment 

38:07 – the broken modern medical system and the problems with the allopathic, symptom management model 

48:21 – problems with the alternative health sphere 

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