Ep. 83: How Nutrient Partitioning Affects Eating Behavior and Fat Loss 

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In this episode we discuss:

  • How our bodies partition nutrients and why this matters for optimizing our health
  • Why hyperpalatable food and stress-eating are not the primary drivers of overeating
  • How being sedentary can mimic starvation and excess stress
  • How excessive fat-burning causes metabolic derangement and overeating
  • Why an energetic deficit is not required for fat loss and instead causes fat gain

2:48 – overview of the study we’ll be discussing 

6:21 – why excess energy and overeating don’t cause fat gain 

13:59 – the flow of energy through our metabolic systems determines health 

18:25 – insulin resistance is an adaptive process that allows for nutrient partitioning 

22:31 – insulin resistance occurs in stress states, such as caloric restriction, fasting, and low-carb diets, to divert fuel to the most essential tissues 

29:24 – hunger and appetite are determined by the amount of energy available, not number of calories taken in 

47:46 – physical inactivity results in the same harmful metabolic effects as starvation and excess exercise 

56:31 – hyperpalatable sugar- and fat-containing foods do not cause obesity 

1:00:26 – other factors that affect nutrient partitioning 

1:09:46 – considerations to keep in mind when reading and evaluating research 

1:13:35 – why an energetic deficit is not required for fat loss 

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  • Jose
    Posted at 15:51h, 04 June Reply

    Hi Jay. How are you?

    My name is José Córdova, I live in Quito, Ecuador. I am a big fun of your podcast. I heard about your ideas when I was listening to a Ben Greenfield that he interviews you. Since then, I have listened to a lot of your podcast; and I can say that I am super grateful with the information that I have received. I listened to the problems with Intermittent fasting, which I did for like 12 years, and after listening to the possible related problems, like anxiety, and having problems sleeping, and digestive issues, I stopped doing, and also I am following a lot of your advice to eat easy digestible foods, like eating certain carbohydrates, eating certain fats, and the sleeping recommendations; also your advice about tacking it easy with exercise, and my sleeping was beginning to improve, and now I am with a point that I don’t need any sleeping supplements or aid to fall asleep, and keep sleeping. So, thanks a lot. I am doing other things hoping to improve the digestion issues that it appears that I have. It appears that I have IBS and SIBO, so I have some questions.

    You mentioned that right now the knowledge of probiotics isn’t exactly understood. I have taken a lot of probiotics, and fermented foods. After listening to your podcast, I stopped taking everyday water kefir, milk kefir; and I have taken several brands of probiotics, and have mixed like 15 different brands of probiotics in a yogurt maker. Even with all of this, I have had gas and bloating, and in the stool tests I have had parasites, and parasites.

    My question is what do you think about the brand of probiotics Seed that Ben Greenfield and

  • Jose
    Posted at 18:42h, 04 June Reply

    Jay, in the episode that is below of the Ben Greenfield podcast, Ben talks about having SIBO and being treated with Dr. Matt Cooks help.

    In this recent podcast, https://bengreenfieldlife.com/podcast/ian-mitchell/; Ben says mentions that he had SIBO, and he drinked ozonated water to beat SIBO. He also mentions that he used one of Ian Mitchell’s product that is called resistor(its an ozonated pill, https://biocharged.co/product/resistor/) as a suppository.

    What do you think about that? Does ozone kill the good bacteria that we have? And do you think that having ozone water in the colon would have good positive effects?

    This is this product’s description that is in their webpage:
    Advanced detox & gut health
    Charged Ozonated Oil supports your body on a cellular level by introducing ozonides which cause a hormetic response to supercharge your body’s mitochondria at a fast rate.* Thus supporting cellular regeneration and detoxification.* Additionally the ozonides promote gut health. Properly balanced gut flora aids in weight management and metabolic support.* Since COO strengthens cells at a micro level it helps support your body’s immune health.*

    I would like to know your thoughts about this?


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