Ep. 101: Building a Bioenergetic Diet: Optimal Carb, Fat, and Protein Sources

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In this episode we discuss:

  • Why you want to avoid vegetarian-fed chicken and acorn-fed pork
  • The best bioenergetic fat, protein, and carb sources
  • Why it’s best to avoid salmon and bluefin tuna, and what fish and seafood to have instead
  • Whether we should be including vegetables and fiber in our diet
  • How to avoid vegetable oils and what fats to use instead
  • When it makes sense to include high-FODMAP foods

1:34 – bioenergetic food guide 

2:59 – bioenergetic fat sources 

6:20 – bioenergetic protein sources 

15:01 – the importance of collagen/gelatin 

18:51 – bioenergetic carbohydrate sources 

31:25 – foods and additives to avoid 

34:15 – experimentation and context as primary components of the bioenergetic view 

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  • Lucy
    Posted at 00:10h, 22 September Reply

    Great podcast as usual! A couple of questions – firstly, what is your opinion on occasionally using egg whites as a source of lean protein rather than the whole egg? And secondly, in regards to gelatin/glycine, whenever I’ve taken any type of gelatin or glycine supplement it has worsened my anxiety. Do you know what the cause could be? Possibly a histamine issue?

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