Ep. 106: Omega-3s INCREASE Inflammation and Oxidative Stress

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In this episode we discuss:

  • Studies showing that fish oil and cod liver oil supplementation increase oxidative damage in humans, even in the triglyceride form alongside antioxidants 
  • Why omega-3s are harmful in both healthy and unhealthy humans

  • The harmful metabolic and hormetic effects of omega-3s (and why omega-3s aren’t beneficial due to hormesis)
  • The research showing that omega-3s do not improve chronic health conditions or mortality in humans

1:26 – a summary of the harmful effects of omega-3 consumption in humans    

9:14 – omega-3 consumption amplifies the damage from stress (including fasting)   

17:08 – vitamin E does not protect against lipid peroxidation from fish oil consumption   

20:06 – studies showing that increased omega-3 consumption (including fish oil and cod liver oil) in humans and other animals increases lipid peroxidation, even in triglyceride form   

31:45 - how omega-3s triggers hormesis, and why this doesn’t make omega-3s beneficial   

39:50 – the context of the omega-3 research and its application   

42:57 – studies showing that omega-3 supplementation doesn’t improve chronic health conditions or reduce mortality in humans   

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